Saturday, August 21, 2010

Letter to God 8/21/2010

Lord I thank you for all you have given me. Your favor is inexplicable. You have given me life eternal and abundantly so. You've grown me in your likeness through the years. You give me the desire and obedience to love you. You gave me my wife, who is the prime ideal and so much more to me. You've given me friends, illumination, and godly teachers who know your strategy. You give me encouragement.
I pray that you give me courage where I need it. I pray you keep my perspective correct so I may not fail to obey you and that I may rejoice in the fruit you produce in me.
Give me diligence. Provide like I know you can and in that provision increase my family's trust in you. Make me who you want me to be and deliver me from sin, make me dead to it.
Thank you for being my God and the God of my loved ones and a God who is love. Teach me your ways so I may follow you closely all of my days.

Follow Up from March 9, 2012
 This is a prayer written to God after watching the movie "Letters to God" and being encouraged to write one myself by the group I met with at the time. Here are ways He has answered my prayer since then:

I asked God to "give me courage where I need it."
God gave me courage. I moved to a city I had never been to before and He helped me to be myself and be unafraid when meeting new people. Great relationships resulted from this.

I asked God to "keep my perspective correct."
My perspective has been reshaped in innumerous ways and I greatly rejoice over His work on the cross and His work in me.

I asked God to "Provide like I know you can and in that provision increase my family's trust in you."
I was jobless late January to Early April 2011. God greatly increased my family's trust in Him in regards to His provision. He broke our false perceptions and drew us closer to Him.

I asked God to "deliver me from sin" & "make me dead to it."
Oh how true this became. He gave me the revelation of my sinless identity in His eyes as explained in my Sin? Forgetaboutit! teachings. At the time of writing the first of those (God's View on Sin, Inseparable & Unforsakable, Fellowship Never Broken, Sin? Forgetaboutit!) I had heard no one teach on it. God revealed it to me firsthand through study and contemplation (contemplation is one great way the Spirit teaches us) and He gave me the joy to go with it! He answered this prayer in 2011 literally beyond all I would have asked or imagined! My life with God explodes with joy every day!

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