Tuesday, October 1, 2013


When scripture is our foundation instead of Christ & being rooted & grounded in love then it isn't about knowing our Father but about knowing a book & working to become an academic expert instead of resting as a son or daughter.

With scripture as the foundation in place of the living indwelling God we live as if we are children left at home while their parents are out, always telling each other "Dad said you have to do this.." "Mom said don't do that.." We may do this because we see "being right" as comparable to being in charge or being superior. So people fight to be right about the book because with it as their foundation that is how you "know God" or even "have a relationship with God." But a relationship with a book is impossible so we insecurely try to earn favor points (when in reality favor & grace are the same thing) by gaining knowledge.

We don't believe that Daddy's home. Love is the perfect bond of unity but we can't put on love if our beliefs tell us that the Holy Spirit only delivers our letters to the Father (& helps us keep laws to get daddy pleased with us) & that we're waiting on Jesus to return as if He weren't here now in the Spirit. When being right about the bible, agreeing about the bible, or even learning the bible is our goal then being in each other's lives & loving one another falls off the page.

Many people are playing "make believe daddy" & know next to nothing about God our Father. And how could they? They are told that the "purpose" of our lives is to "know what God said in scripture" & "know what God wants you to do." The Father of love is pictured as nothing more than a self-centered slave owner. To God be all the glory? Jesus shared His glory with us. Giving God praise doesn't make you righteous or humble. God's righteousness makes you so grateful you're humbled. You praise Him because of the love He's already given & continues to give. God does not demand praise, He earns praise. When we experience His love our hearts rejoicing in praise is a natural reaction just like any child rejoicing over their loving father or mother.