Sin? Forgetaboutit!

The Gospel, Good News for the Whole WorldThe Good News is that Jesus removed all barriers between God and people because God no longer charges people with sin.

God's View on Sin:  Every reference in the New Testament to the words sin(s) or transgression(s) where God is in view.

Sin? Forgetaboutit! Jesus Christ is The End of Sin for All Those Who Trust Him: What if on the cross Jesus was saying, "I'm removing the sin between mankind and myself. Now I am spreading my arms wide inviting you into an eternal embrace with me and the Father. Trust me to experience my love."
Headings:  God Counts Sins Against No One, Christians Are Not Able to Sin, A Christian Cannot Sin Against God Alone, Christians Do Not Need to Be Conscious of Sin, So How Do We Live If Not By The Consciousness of Sin?

Being A New Man:  Children of God are born again as a new spiritual creature. Live by your spirit, the new man, & forget about the dead old man.

We Are Free Spirits Living in Flesh and Bone:  As Christians our spirit is identity. We still live in a body but trusting the truth of who God has made us in spirit is the most joyous way to live.

He who the Son sets free is free indeed:  We are indeed free from sin through being born of God.

Further Looks
The Sinless Saints, The Selfless Savior, & The Self-Righteous:  Why the selflessness of God and the death of Jesus make it so God no longer has to hold sins against people. Just because sin is taken away does not mean God stops being love. He still seeks to heal the broken and to stop harmful behavior.
Headings:  Christians are Not Charged with Sin by God, The Selflessness of God, Why Jesus Attacked Self-Righteousness

Our Perceptions Do Not Change God's Realities (Galatians):   Putting yourself under law makes you count yourself as a sinner even though God is not counting you as one.
Headings:  The Law Views Every Man as a Sinner Even If God Does Not, Nullifying Grace

Inseparable & Unforsakable, Fellowship Never Broken:  An in-depth look at why God will never "break fellowship" with His children. Includes a dissection of 1 John 1 including the reasons why Christians do not need to confess their sins to God.
Headings:  The Lie of Broken Fellowship with God Exposed, The Destructiveness of Believing the Lie of Broken Fellowship, 1 John 1 The Twisted Scripture 

God's Old Target, Our Own Targets, Jesus's Victory Party:  What it means to put yourself under the law and to share victory with Christ.

Romans 6 - We who died to sin cannot still live in it.:  The meaning of "Are we to continue in sin so that grace may abound? May it never be!"

Related Posts
Saved: Cured of Sin & Made Whole:  The word "saved" can also mean "cured" or "made whole" I retranslate scriptures with this in mind to show the beautiful power of God's love.

Shouting to Rest!
We aren't made to fear but to cry out to our Father for His love.

Forgivenness:  Understanding God's complete forgiveness and what happens when you ask for forgiveness while you are already forgiven.

Alive to God in Christ Jesus:  What it means to be "dead to sin."

Judgment In Light of Sins Taken Away:  The sins of the world are taken away by Jesus. My take on how the lost are judged in Revelation 20

Psalm 1:5 in the Light of The Messiah:  Born of God, Righteous, & Part of Christ's Body

Psalm 5 in the Light of The Messiah:  God does not hold sins against mankind but seeks to save and sanctify the world.

What is the Remission of Sins?:  Jesus's blood was shed for many for the remission of sins, but what does that mean?

Posts by Others 
Do Christians Sin (1 John 1:8 vs. 1 John 3:9)? by Owen Weber:  Our flesh sins but who we really are, our spirit, cannot.

God’s Definitions of Sin by Harold from Brisbane, Australia:  The 4 ways God defines sin revealing the truth that Christians cannot sin.

Misunderstood Bible Terminology Part 1:  Speaks of why Christians cannot commit sin.
Headings:  Fellowship, Practicing Truth or Righteousness / Walking in Darkness, Committing Sin or Lawlessness

What Happened To The Old Man?:  Audio Message from Andrew Wommack. Speaks of the Sinlessness of the Christian Spirit

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