He is Still Emmanuel. God is Still With Us.

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Working "With God" Instead of "For God":  God does not have requirements of us. God offers relationship to us. All good works flow from that loving relationship. God does not burden us by forcing us to work for Him. God loves us until we desire to work with Him.

Serving God by the New Way of the Spirit and Not the Old Way of The Law:  Because of Jesus we no longer serve God by lifeless external laws but by the life giving internal Spirit of Christ.

Do We Really Live For God?:  Does scripture ever command us to "live for God?" Is living for God a choice?

Yoked or Unyoked is The Issue of Mankind:  How Jesus described what our relationship with Him would be like.

Walking Under the Yoke of Jesus:  Jesus does not give me the burden of keeping the whole law. Jesus gives me the rest of having a love relationship with Him. Instead of heaping His commands upon you He guides you during your walk with Him.

Surrender or Submission? Defeat or Victory?
: Are we at war with God? Scripture never uses the language of surrender of us in relation to God. We are on God's side. He is for us, He is never against us. We are to submit to God which means to have "a voluntary attitude of cooperation." Biblical submission says "I trust your desires are good and loving. I love you so I agree to work with you to fulfill your desires."

He Loves You For You
:  God is our Father. He is looking out for our best interests, He is looking to benefit us. If we trust Him and His love for us we will have the most satisfying journey we could possibly have in this life.

Love and Cooperation, God's Will and God's Best:  You, God's dearly loved child, get to work with your amazingly loving and affectionate Father. God's best, His will, has you experiencing and seeing His love no matter where you are. His best empowers your successes, redeems your failures, and has His love pouring out of you for others.

Obey: An Invitation to Cooperation:  Obedience isn't a giving into Christ's demands but a giving out of His love and life in us. We work with Him to carry out His kindness.

The Letter Without The Lord:  Sadly many Christians live by trying to obey what they think the bible says as if God were not alive and with us right now.

The Responsibility of Our Relationship with God:  We incorrectly learn that the responsibility of the relationship is on us. The question is not "How do I build a relationship with God?" it is "How do I begin to recognize how God is building a relationship with me?"

The Relationship is The Freedom:  Jesus gave us His spirit to walk with us, relate to us, & teach us tailored to all of the uniqueness of who we are. God is love, His Spirit is love so He will always guide us in love.

Related Posts
Trust and Works:  Not only are you not saved by works but you are not approved by works. The works are the result of trusting God's love for you and partnering with Him in life under His yoke.

Love by Love, Selflessness by Supply:  Only when you understand that all of God's children already permanently have His favor through Christ Jesus can you truly love God and live for others. You won't be living to earn but living to give out of the abundant loving-kindness that God has given you.

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