Most Offensive Titles

I have many more offensive posts than this but these are the ones with the most offensive blog titles.

Offensive to Everybody!
Self-Focus is God-Focus
God is Not All Knowing & God is Not in Control
The Bible is the Greatest Antichrist in All of History
God NEVER Forgave You
Why I Will Never Surrender to God
The Gospel Without Repentance

Offensive to Even Some Non-Institutional Grace Folks
Sin? Forgetaboutit! Jesus Christ is The End of Sin for All Those Who Trust Him
The Sinless Saints, The Selfless Savior, & The Self-Righteous
The Sinless Spiritual Identity of Every Christian (In 100 Words)
Consciousness of Sins is Self-centered
Romans 6 - We who died to sin cannot still live in it.
Eternal Torment, Annihilation, Ultimate Reconciliation? How about a little of each?
Lie: You Don't Deserve to Be Saved
Die Daily? No, Already Crucified & Alive to God in Christ Jesus

Offensive to Mainstream Christianity
God's law is over, ok?
The Law is Over (In 100 Words)
We Are Loved as He is Loved
Problems with Christians Confessing (Recounting) Sins in Prayer
Inseparable & Unforsakable, Fellowship Never Broken
Why It is Unhealthy to Tie Your Behavior to Your Identity, Part 1
Why Romans 13 is not about Secular Government
Suffering is Not God's Punishment
Questioning God is Ok
All Blessings Are A Done Deal in Christ
Sola-Scriptura is Idolatry

Offensive to Churches
Why Having Leaders is Harmful
How Sermonizing is Not Shepherding & More.

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