Friday, July 27, 2012

Die Daily? No, Already Crucified & Alive to God in Christ Jesus

Somehow performance based religion has turned "death" into a work of the flesh meaning "denial of self-will." Our death spoken of in scripture however is our death with Christ where He killed our old man (spirit) to make us a new creation (spirit) that is created in His likeness (Ephesians 1:3-8, 4:24).

Over and over again, it never fails, I keep seeing how EVERY aspect of religion points to man & His works while true Christianity always points to God's works & His love for us.

Here then is a quick "Lie of Religion" vs. "Truth of God" test:
If it is something I have to do alone by my behavior it is a "Lie of Religion"
If it is something Christ has already done or that He does with my cooperation it is a "Truth of God"

Lie of Religion:  Death to self is a work you must perform daily.
Truth of God:  Death of your old self is a work Christ performed already, one time for all time.

Read this for a full explanation:  Take Up Your Cross Daily † You Have Been Crucified With Christ

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