Friday, July 17, 2015

The Fruit of the Spirit: God's Fruits

The fruits of the Spirit are fruits that God produces. He is the Spirit & His character will not contradict His Spirit's fruits.

If you ever feel like God doesn't love you He is not the source of that feeling.

God will never make you feel unloved by Him.
God will never decrease your joy. God is never the reason you lack joy.
God will never decrease your peace. God is never the reason you lack peace.
God will never be impatient with you nor will He cause you to become impatient.
God will always be kind & good to you.
God will always be trustworthy & loyal & faithful to you.
God will always be gentle & compassionate towards you. He will always be considerate, sympathetic, & empathetic.
God will always control Himself. He will never lash out at you. God will not seek to control or manipulate you.

You are believing something false about God or yourself or others if you feel God Himself does not live up to the fruits of the Spirit in His relationship with you.

Our Father's Love Decides our Infinite Worth

If you see human worth as a matter of behavior or works you are looking through the eyes of sin. Human worth is determined by our Father in heaven. His love is not based on conditions we meet or fail to meet. You are worthy & you are deserving because your Father says so. Never look down upon yourself & talk about how undeserving or unworthy you are of God's love, grace, or salvation.

No good parent wants their child to think they are unworthy of their parent's love. No good father or mother who saves their child's life wants their child to think, "I didn't deserve to be saved." God is the most loving parent of all. If we who are parents don't base our ultimate love for our children on their behavior why would we possibly think God does?