Valuing Truth and The Motivation for Sharing It
In Context: "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."
In Context: "The truth will set you free."
Learning Scripture: Perception, Purpose, and Practice
All My Rights Are Reserved by God
Trust Never Discarded
More Than Just Evangelism...
Which one is the great commission?

July 2010
God is the Source of All Good

August 2010
Why use the word "Assembly" instead of "Church"
Letter to God 8/21/2010
Literal Example of Discipling
The Letter of the Law, The Life of Love -1 Peter 2:11-17
Trusting and Faithful

September 2010

October 2010
Renewing the mind
Life itself is Jesus
Proper Translation of Hebrews 13:17

December 2010
The Meaning of Life: Part 1, How to Know God
What is the Bible? Where does it come from?

February 2011
The Meaning of Life: Part 2, Understanding the Relationship
Growth in Christ Through Relationships
Learn from Him
Christ is Your Life
Who God Has Made Us
In Context: "Forsake not the assembling.."
Love One Another
Failure as A Sign
Faith is Trust

March 2011
The Word Leaders in the New Testament
Suffering is Not God's Punishment
Division: The True Heresy
"God is love" or "love is God"?
The Father of Light Looks to Love

April 2011
Unity through God's Love
Alive to God in Christ Jesus
Who or What is the Bible About?
How "Preach" is Used with Bias in Translating the Bible
Loving the Law More than Others
Notes on Jesus' Teaching on the Mount: Why Jesus Taught the Law, The Two Builders

May 2011
Intellectual Knowledge vs. Relational Trust
Commit Yourself to God?
Conversation about Christ
Already Holy
Replacing the Joy of Knowing God with a Place

June 2011
In Context: "Forsake not.." & "I can do all things.." Revisited
Love that Leads to Obedience

July 2011
Prayer - Opportunity Not Obligation
Community vs. Prescriptions
From the Heart to the Mind
Did God Desire for All of His Laws to Be Obeyed?
Called to Be Cherished
Which is better to live by the law or the Spirit o...
God Abounding in Grace
Faith: Trust in God 

August 2011
Contentment and Disappointment
How God Prepared Me for My Dad's Death
Variations on Psalm 23:6
Working "With God" Instead of "For God"

September 2011
The Life of God vs. The Knowledge of Good and Evil
Trust and Works
Serving God by the New Way of the Spirit and Not the Old Way of The Law
Jesus Accomplished All Things Necessary to Fulfill the Law
Blog Name Change: Loved by God, Loving Others
God's View on Sin

October 2011
Satan and the Sign or Jesus and the Journey?
Why use the word "Assembly" instead of "Church" II: The Body of Christ
Jesus is The Word of God
List of Revised Posts/Teachings 

November 2011
Do We Really Live For God?
We Are Loved as He is Loved
We Are Always Able to Grow in Truth
Shame, Guilt, Grace, and Motivation
Walking Under the Yoke of Jesus
My Thoughts on Jesus Washing the Disciple's Feet in John 13
The Family of God
Surrender or Submission? Defeat or Victory?
Did Paul Shame People?

December 2011
He Loves You For You
Inseparable & Unforsakable, Fellowship Never Broken
God is Love Means God Loves You
Sin? Forgetaboutit! Jesus Christ is The End of Sin for All Those Who Trust Him
Love and Cooperation, God's Will and God's Best
Transformed by The Light of His Glory & Grace
Love God?
Be Perfect Like You? Are You Serious God?
To Be or To Become?
Love by Love, Selflessness by Supply
Saved: Cured of Sin & Made Whole

January 2012
My Righteous Identity in Christ
Judgment In Light of Sins Taken Away
Christians Do Not Have to Keep the Law of Moses
A Wonderfully Loving Promise Fulfilled in the New Covenant
The Good News of Relationship
The Sinless Saints, The Selfless Savior, & The Self-Righteous
Shouting to Rest!
Trust and Love, Everything We Need
The Discipline of the Lord, Our Loving Father Helping Us Grow
Trusting God for Works of Love
Jesus Did Not Come To Call The Righteous to Repentance
Our Perceptions Do Not Change God's Realities (Galatians)
The Gospel, Good News for the Whole World

February 2012
God's Old Target, Our Own Targets, Jesus's Victory Party
Being A New Man
Older People as Guides not Officials as Governors
Don't Should on Yourself and Don't Should on Anyone Else
An Alternate Look at The Great Commission
We Are Free Spirits Living in Flesh and Bone
Obey: An Invitation to Cooperation
The Good News of Justice
Jesus and The New Covenant Exposed in Zephaniah 3
New Back Posts from Discipling from the Ground Up Series
The Letter Without The Lord
Motivation: Compassion vs. Obligation
Psalm 1:2 in the Light of The Messiah
Psalm 1:5 in the Light of The Messiah
Psalm 1:6 in the Light of The Messiah

March 2012
Psalm 5 in the Light of The Messiah
What is the Remission of Sins?
Reconciliation Now! The Good News of Reconciliation
Forcing Beliefs
The Purposes of The Law & Its Punishments
Miracles of Love: The Great Catch of Fish
The Meaning of "Fallen from Grace"
Seek First † Already Found
Questioning God is Ok
Living by the Spirit
Christianity: Academic Pursuit or Love Relationships
What Makes Someone Holy?
Take Up Your Cross Daily † You Have Been Crucified With Christ
New Back Posts
Get truth from The Truth
The Responsibility of Our Relationship with God

April 2012
The Problem with Mistranslations
What Happened to Christians on the Cross and at Salvation
God's Love for You
A World Without Law
Forgiven and Loving
God's Love in The Old Testament
God's Love in The New Testament
Thoughts on The Year of Living Biblically by A. J. Jacobs
What Jesus Hates & Despises
More Back Posts
Can God Look Upon Sin?
How I View the Deceived

May 2012
Obedience & Sacrifice
Romans 6 - We who died to sin cannot still live in it.
The Law is Over (In 100 Words)
The Sinless Spiritual Identity of Every Christian (In 100 Words)
Plates of Faith
Letting God Love You First
Freedom from Struggling with Sin
Our True Identity & True Victory
Psalm 6 in the Light of The Messiah
The Meaning of the Word 'Religion' in the Bible
Mistranslation of Words in The Bible

June 2012
Why I Will Never Surrender to God
Three of The Most Widespread & Destructive Lies Christians Believe
What is the correct way to speak against sin?
The Truth About Sin
The Sins of the World Taken Away & The Wrath of God
What is Sin?

July 2012
Sola-Scriptura is Idolatry
Problems with Christians Confessing (Recounting) Sins in Prayer
God Resists The Proud = God Resists Legalism
In the World
Salvation: Grace, Forgiveness, & Life
I No Longer Run From God
This Side of the Cross: The Night of Jesus' Arrest Intro
Jesus Goes to Prepare a Place in His Father's House † We Live in The Father
Christian Persecution & America
Psalm 10:1 & 10:12 in the Light of The Messiah
Die Daily? No, Already Crucified & Alive to God in Christ Jesus
All Blessings Are A Done Deal in Christ
Cooperation not Control, Commitment, or Promises
Ask Jesus
Rebirth and Perfection

August 2012
God is not mocked. - Avoid Flesh Renovation
The Spirit is Willing but the Flesh is Weak † The Spirit is Able
Self-Focus is God-Focus
If you love Me, you will keep My commandments † I Will Love You So You Will Trust Me
Does God Abort His Children?
Trusting in God's Love is Not Risky
More Thoughts on Christians Not Needing to Confess Sins
The Lord's Supper in 1 Corinthians 11: Dangerous or Delightful?
How Sermonizing is Not Shepherding & More..
Spiritual Identity in Christ Summarized
Thoughts on Evangelism
The Victory of Jesus Has Brought Liberation from Sin
So How Are We to Think of Sin as an Action Today?
Deep Love
Is Eating Poison Worth Your While?
God Does Not Punish His Children
The Body With and Without Leaders

September 2012
Reality Because of Christ: Flesh and Spirit
Good Hearts with Good Ears
How to be a slave to sin
This Side of the Cross: Church Discipline?
God's law is over, ok?
A Righteousness Hand Mirror
Reality Because of Christ: Sin
Catching Up in Perfection
Thoughts on Portions of Romans
Is the law sin?
Consciousness of Sins is Self-centered
Romans 7, Rebirth, & Renewed Minds

October 2012
Saved? Saved from What?
Eternal Torment, Annihilation, Ultimate Reconciliation? How about a little of each?
Instead of going to the box factory today, we'll be going to factory
Fearing the Truth
Our New Creation in Christ & sin
Lifted Up to His Glory
Grace is God's Love for You
The Gifts of A Great Father
Satan is Not God's Attack Dog
The Lord will Repay..
Why Be Afraid of Hebrews 10?
Sacred Cow BBQ I: Manifest, Mature, Move, & More
Sacred Cow BBQ II: Nation & Neighbors, Offend, Oppose, Owe
Commitment vs. Surrender vs. Cooperation
Obliterating Offices
Why It is Unhealthy to Tie Your Behavior to Your Identity, Part 1
Follow Christ? But I thought He was in me

November 2012
Judges in the Assembly Part 1: Why Romans 13 is not about Secular Government
Judges in the Assembly Part 2
Rant on Lies I've Been Told
Lie: You Don't Deserve to Be Saved
Wind in a Box
Good News Does Not Make You Feel Bad
Let's Share in the Satisfaction of His Sacrifice
Ignore the Poison?
Yoked or Unyoked is The Issue of Mankind
Barely Saved & Still Judged?
Second Chances & Why God Killed
The Slave Master?
Help in Knowing God's Voice
Why Having Leaders is Harmful
The Devil Has the Power of Death
God is Not All Knowing & God is Not in Control

December 2012
Great Scriptures for All Christians & Christian Groups
"This is love for God: to keep His commands" Uh oh! ...there goes grace!
The Relationship is The Freedom
Why so few Believe John 3:16
A Brick Wall at the Starting Line
God Treats You With Humility
The Good News
Saved Through Fire?
The Knowledge of God's Will
Galatians 5 Paraphrased for us Gentiles
How Your New Creation in Christ Parallels the 7 Days of Creation
Sacred Cow BBQ III: This One is for All the Ladies in the House
Comparing The Law to Jesus
The Good News Hidden in the Hebrew Alphabet
Jesus Freed Us from Guilt & Shame
What Do You Mean "How Do I Grow?"

January 2013
All the Specific Things the New Testament Labels as Sins
Belief & Religion or Trust & Jesus?
Why Does Grace Have to Be Received?
Who Killed Jesus?
The Good News is The Way to Life and Immortality
Jesus is Living & Loving
No Longer Falling Short..
Living by Labels Instead of Local Love
Forcing Hate
Seeing Mixed Covenant Teaching
To Fear or Not to Fear?
The Idea that We Should Read the Bible Every Day
Religion Does Not Need A Living God
The Gospel Without Repentance
The Meaning of "My Word shall not return to Me void"
Ways to Not Listen to Someone
Dare to Believe that God is No Longer Counting Your Sins
Seeing God as Father: Tithing
Agreement & Apology: Confessing Sin in James 5:16 & 1 John 1:9
John 20:23 - Could The Apostles Forgive Sins?
What if The Story of 'The Woman Caught in Adultery' Never Happened? Examining John 7:53-8:11
Satan Wants You to Make Promises to God
An Alternate Look at Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord’
Boiling it Down

February 2013
Real Talk: God is Just, Calling a sin a sin
Even More Reasons why 1 John 1:9 is Not for Christians
On Offices in the Church
Free & Fearless: The Truth Behind God, Humanity, & The Law
Handling Discipline As God Desires
As high as the heavens..
Screw You "Sin breaks fellowship with God" Doctrine!!
"Hyper-Grace" is True!
I Must Decrease † Let Him Increase You
Die to the Lie of "I Must Die to Self"
Life From Self Not Death to Self
Good News vs. Wood Pews or Sins Taken Away vs. Sins Poured On
Fear Behind the Curtain
Where's the Party?
Who's Counting? The Honest View of Christians & Sin in The New Testament

March 2013
Better to Be Single or Married? OR Why I Don't Believe Much of 1 Corinthians 7
How to "Put God First" for real this time
3 Doctrines That Really Don't Believe God is Love
Christian, Your Heart is Not Deceitfully Wicked
The Idea That the Bible Replaced God
How Satan Steals the Truth
God Never Wants His Children to Feel Shame
Reality check: Is sin your god?
1 John 1 in Light of the Gospel of John
Fear of Freedom
The Gospel Revealed by Translating Genesis 1:1-8 from Hebrew Pictographs
The Myth of "Making an Idol"
Children, The Sin Nature, & The Nature of Good & Evil
"You are in Me and I am in you." -Jesus
Two Sides of the Same Graceless Coin
What Kills You Doesn't Make You Stronger
Jesus or Traditions?
Hate Sin?
Should we look at King David as an example of how to live the Christian life?
Sin makes you self-centered. Sonship makes you secure, satisfied, & sympathetic.
The Gospel Hidden in the Gospel! Names from Matthew 27-28 Translated.

April 2013
Did God have to save us? We don't deserve to be saved? We're Unworthy?
How to Create a False Doctrine in Christianity
The Most Dangerous People on Earth
Seeing God as Father: Grace Comes with Counsel
Made in the Image of Love
We Are No Longer Victims of Sin
Being Changed by Love
Gnostic Writing Excerpts that Don't Suck
Examining The Didache & Finding Out Most Falsehoods Have Been Around Right from the Start
But God is also just...
Come! Choose Life & Live!
Why People Mock Christianity

May 2013
Ananias & Sapphira
Can Christians Renounce Their Salvation?
If you're going to preach against sin you should also preach against the law.
God Predicted His People Rejecting the Fullness of His Grace
Living Under the Law Puts the Gun in Sin's Hand. Examining Romans 7-8
Putting God to the Test
God NEVER Forgave You
The Filthy Rags Myth
Entertaining Angels Unaware
He who the Son sets free is free indeed
God's License to Sin?
Knowing Others & Being Known by Them...

June 2013
We are the church... Well not really..
Scripture is NOT the Living & Active Word of God, Jesus is
The Bible: Inspiration & Intimacy
Is The Law of Moses The Law of God?
The Lawless Gospel or: The Lost Gospel to the Gentiles
What's Your Focus, Trust or Obedience?
What is the Greatest Command?
The Bible is the Greatest Antichrist in All of History
No More Shadows
Being REAL
Why Equality is a Weak Concept
God is not omnipotent. God is not omniscient. God is not omnipresent.
Ecclesiastes Excerpts
About God & Beliefs

July 2013
When Ideas Oppose Identities

August 2013
What do you want to be... no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives
The world isn't partying, the world is performing.
Imagination or Illumination

September 2013
Wondering About How We Relate to God...
..Make Believe..

October 2013

November 2013
We've Been Holy for a While Now..

December 2013
If WHO loves Him? They will keep WHAT commandments?

January 2014
New Testament Commands & why you shouldn't be bothered by them

February 2014
A Dozen Clairifications on 1 John 1:9

March 2014
"Jesus doesn't love me"
Finding your life

April 2014
Not How but Who
Why the Knowledge of Evil is Dysfunctional
111% GRACE
A Father who is also God
Love is the Fuel of Our Father's Family

May 2014
Are You Satisfied with Your Righteousness?
We are Greater than the Greatest! We are One with Him!
The False Gospel of Forgiveness & Repentance
As a Little Child
The Word of God Stands Forever?
"Following" God Without Predicting the Path
Being "Used" By God - Debunking Religious Clich├ęs
The Father Lens: Confession Before Fellowship

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