Monday, March 4, 2013

3 Doctrines That Really Don't Believe God is Love

1. Some Are Predestined to Hell
This says God only chose to save a few thus God created most people just to send them to hell & torture them forever. What kind of parents plot to have a child with the intent to torture the child for his or her entire life?

2. A Christian can lose his or her salvation
This says if you meet a certain criteria, usually too much sin, unrepentant sin, unconfessed sin, God will murder you by taking away your eternal(?) life & sending you to hell. This says God murders his own children. It says He throws them back into the burning building after saving them from the flames because they did some things He didn't like. What kind of father throws his children back into a burning building he just saved them from?

3. God is in Complete Control
This paints God as giving you sickness or crippling you for your own good. What parent would do that to their own child? When did Jesus give sickness instead of take it away? It also makes God out to be in control of Satan & using him as an attack dog of sorts. Scripture says "Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil" yet this doctrine says the devil is on God's team. This doctrine also credits all of the evil in history to being under "God's sovereignty" picturing God standing at a door choosing to open it for some things & close it for others. It pictures God opening the door allowing all rape, molestation, pedophilia, murder, & abuse that actually happens to happen. He doesn't try to stop it because He opens the door & "allows" it. It "passes through His hands." God signs all the permission slips to allow for all of your suffering & every sin someone else commits against you. What loving parent would sign off on such things?

Those who clutch to these doctrines will fully ignore the character of Jesus, who scripture says is the exact representation of God. They will paint God as the utter opposite of recognizable love.

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