Thursday, March 28, 2013

Should we look at King David as an example of how to live the Christian life?

Old King David with Harp
King David wasn't a Christian. He wasn't born again by the spirit & blood of Jesus. David was a man of faith who trusted God & yes he will be in heaven. But David didn't have a new born spirit, he didn't have the Holy Spirit living inside of Him, he didn't have the wonderful promises and realities of the new covenant of Christ. We shouldn't take his shame laden, old covenant psalms and aspire to live like he did or view everything as he did. Christ made a HUGE difference when He died for us.

David's shame & brokenness over his sins, his confession of sins, his fears of God leaving him, his prayers against his enemies.. none of these things should be things we look to when we look for ways to live the Christian life.

See my Psalms in the Light of The Messiah series for more.

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