Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Does God need me?

"Does God need me?"

We have a bad habit of asking that question with only work in perspective, carrying the idea of "Does he need me to do his work? Does he need me to accomplish his purposes?" When we ask that question we are asking it as if we are employees asking if our employer needs us. But that is not our relationship with God.

Our relationship with God is Father - Child. The questions "Does my father need me? or "Do I need my child?" do not compute.

To ask if I am "needed" causes me to view myself as a "thing" to be "used" rather than a human being to be loved. It is the wrong type of question to ask as a child in a family.

When we ask "do I need.." It boils down to these 2 questions.
Could I survive/live without it?
Would I eventually be able to cope without it?

Some people who say, "I can't live without you" commit suicide when that person is gone. Others naturally die soon after, still others may die in poverty because that person met their physical needs.

But if you die to save someone does that mean you couldn't "live without them?" While that question can speak to our hearts it doesn't exactly make sense.

The word need often has to do with life but it can be a lifeless word when compared to love. Love is a much stronger word. Love is much stronger. Love transcends life & death.

"Does God need me? Can God live without me?"
Jesus died because He didn't want to live without you.
..Yet that doesn't answer our question because love is greater than our question.

While we view needs as essentials, as necessities, compared to love a need is weak. Love is abundant, it overflows. Love cannot be contained. Love is not the bare minimum. Love is the power that meets needs.

While "Do you need me?" seems like the most important question, "Do you love me?" is infinitely bigger & more important.

You are not a thing to be used. You are a dearly loved precious child in God's family. So if you really want Father to speak to your heart about this all don't ask, "Does God need me?" Instead ask yourself, "Is a child replaceable?" & let your heart answer.