God's Discipline

The Discipline of the Lord, Our Loving Father Helping Us Grow:  A look at the true meaning of God's discipline & rebuking in Hebrews 12, Proverbs 3, & Revelation 3.
Handling Discipline As God Desires:  If God's discipline seems sorrowful to us it is because of how we handle it not because of how God intends it to feel.
God Does Not Punish His Children:  God is perfectly loving. God does not punish us. Persecution & suffering are not God's punishment. Includes a look at the word chasten.

Forcing Hate:  God never uses guilt or shame to discipline us. Also mentions how God has disciplined me.
This Side of the Cross: Church Discipline?:  A look at Matthew 18 & the idea that we should abandon relationships "unrepentant" people.

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