The Word Leaders in the New Testament:  A look at every place the word "leaders" is used in the New Testament (all 4!). Also addresses why "one above another" authority and honorary titles are not scriptural.
The Body With and Without Leaders:  A look at how having leaders harms the body of Christ & how the body can function without leaders. Includes a look at Ephesians 4:11.
Older People as Guides not Officials as Governors:  A look at who elders, pastors, & overseers really were according solely to scripture.
What Jesus Hates & Despises:  There are only two things the New Testament says Jesus hates & one of them is hierarchical authority.
Obliterating Offices:  Why offices of authority have no place in Christian settings & how seeking those offices is fleshly.
How Sermonizing is Not Shepherding & More..:  Why shepherding (pastoring) cannot be accomplished by preaching sermons.
Why Having Leaders is Harmful:  Various reasons why having leaders is harmful to Christians.
How Satan Steals the Truth:  Why sermons given by people in leadership positions is the #1 way Satan leads people astray.
On Offices in the Church:  A brief look at why it is bad to seek to occupy an office among Christians.
The Most Dangerous People on Earth:  Nothing is more dangerous than authoritative leadership in the body of Christ.
The Problem with Mistranslations:  Includes a look at the impact of how the word pastor is translated.
Proper Translation of Hebrews 13:17:  Perhaps the most popular verse used to support leaders in the body of Christ has 3, yes 3 words mistranslated in it.
My Notes on Elders in the Church & Older People in the Assembly:  Older men being "appointed/ordained," the so called "qualifications," and the possible age range of these people.

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By Other Authors:
The Pastor: Obstacle to Every-member Functioning by Frank Viola:  The history of the pastoral office & how having pastors is harmful.
Excerpts from The Myth of Christian Leadership by Frank Viola:  Why leading can be done by anyone in the body & much more.
The Sermon: Protestantism's Most Sacred Cow by Frank Viola:  The history of the sermon & how sermonizing is harmful.
The Word "Office" by Richard Amick:  A look at how the word office has been outright added to the text of the New Testament.
Frank Viola's Straight Talk to Pastors E-Book:  (PDF) Looks at the elders/older men of the assemblies in scripture by going through the New Testament Chronologically.
Don't Acts 20:28; 1 Thessalonians 5:12; 1 Timothy 5:17; and Hebrews 13:7, 17, 24 say that elders have "the rule over" the church? by Frank Viola 

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