Life from Self

Somehow performance based religion has turned "death" into a work of the flesh meaning "denial of self-will." Our death spoken of in scripture however is our death with Christ where He killed our old man (spirit) to make us a new creation (spirit) that is created in His likeness (Ephesians 1:3-8, 4:24).

The links on this page expose the falsehood behind the doctrine of "death to self," "dying daily," "crucifying the flesh," & "taking up your cross."

Take Up Your Cross Daily † You Have Been Crucified With Christ
Life From Self Not Death to Self
Die Daily? No, Already Crucified & Alive to God in Christ Jesus
Die to the Lie of "I Must Die to Self"
What Kills You Doesn't Make You Stronger
Reality Because of Christ: Flesh and Spirit
Consciousness of Sins is Self-centered
Self-Focus is God-Focus
I Must Decrease † Let Him Increase You 

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