Deidolizing the Bible

Jesus never prophesied about a perfect book being compiled to teach us about God & guide us in our lives. He prophesied about the Holy Spirit described many times as THE gift of God to guide us to ALL truth & relate to us like a friend & a father.

The Bible has valuable truth but it is not meant to be our "authority." Jesus is Lord. The purpose of the scriptures are to point to the living God, not to replace Him & His voice as if He were dead or absent. the scriptures tell us to "live & walk by the spirit." After the Spirit has come scripture doesn't say, "live & walk by the scriptures."

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  1. This is interesting. I've also heard other things along these lines but clearly we still idolize scripture. Jesus said the scriptures testify about Him but many times people don't see that when we talk about rules. At least I didn't. Now after the last several years my ears have been "ruined" from hearing the gospel. So every time I don't hear about Jesus and His life in me I'm put off and I feel like I'm being given a responsibility which I know He could handle through me if He wants unconsciously. I'm just not sure why grace preachers want to bring up rules sometimes. Anyway if you get a chance please elaborate. Thanks.

    1. I'm not sure if you think I've brought up rules or if you're asking me why grace preachers bring up rules. I think some grace preachers want to defend grace not being a thing that leads to unruly behaviour. I think others regard scripture in a way that makes them bring up commands & rules.