Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Most Dangerous People on Earth

Leaders in the church (pastors etc) are the most dangerous people on the face of the earth. Because of their titles, positions, & education they are perceived as those who hear from God, are closer to God, & know the truth regarding God. These things allow them to perpetuate falsehood (usually because they themselves are deceived) to dozens, to hundreds, to thousands of people. There is always discussion about whether women or homosexuals can have leadership positions in the church but the fact is, there shouldn't be leadership positions in the body of Christ at all. Jesus clearly forbade exercising authority over our brothers & sisters. He clearly forbade use of honorary titles. He clearly said, "Christ is your only leader."

There are also discussions about accepting certain people with certain lifestyles into churches. But the truth is no one short of a gun wielding murderer firing off rounds who comes through the door of any church can do greater damage than that church's leaders. Let's be honest, the real goal of most churches is to "motivate" people into "better" behavior by making them feel like God loves them less because they don't do good things good enough or often enough or because they do too many bad things. Sin is taught as being in the way of our relationships with God where any sin equals no relationship. But the truth is Jesus took away sin as a barrier between humanity & God. We cannot be separated from God's love or presence. Knowing God loves us & is always with us motivates us to work WITH God by the spirit instead of working for God by the flesh.

Good men with good intentions & many good deeds can still utterly wreck or throw wreckage on people's lives. Those who intend to lead well still intend to lead. Christians think leadership is this wonderful & honorable thing, pretty much the most godly thing you can do. But the mere existence of official leaders over the body of Christ is the most destructive force in all of Christian history. Falsehood is the most dangerous poison in this world & church leaders have the biggest hoses to spray out that poison. People will gladly swallow the poison, come back for more, & defend its goodness to the point of severing relationships. Yes many leaders know God well but they often keep you from knowing Him better. You can teach & preach without having to usurp the leadership of Christ Jesus the Head of the body. But when Christ is left as the only Leader church institutions fall apart because Christ never created, commanded, or condoned them. Church leadership is always the blind leading the blind because if they could see they would stop being leaders & start walking alongside people leading only as the Spirit directs.

Leadership positions are bad because they are the ultimate medium to promote falsehood, silence demanded during sermons prevents the body from interacting with one another & sharing Christ with one another, they are seen as in charge of people, they are mediators between men & God (Jesus is the only mediator), their position makes people leery in trusting their ability to hear God, & much more. They also hurt themselves, as I said most people in these positions are good men with good intentions. But good intentions cannot counteract falsehood & likely makes it look more appealing.

When authority & credibility are given out (ordained) using titles & positions people feel like it is godly to subordinate themselves to the big shots. That is when the problem comes, when I feel inferior to someone & that I have to defer to their spirituality, relationship with God, education, or expertise over or in lieu of my own. It is wonderful to be able to share the love & truth of God with one another but the moment I'm required or compelled to take someone else's word whether it be a pastor, author, theologian, or even the  doctrines & opinions of church history I have utterly put a sign outside of my brain that says, "Open to Falsehood."

Jesus said, "I will build My assembly." (Matthew 16:18)
"Unless the Lord is the builder of the house those who labor to build it labor in vain." (Psalm 127:1)
The Lord God declares, "I myself will shepherd my sheep and give them rest." (Ezekiel 34:15)
Jesus says, "Do not be called leaders because you only have one leader, Christ." (Matthew 23:10)
Jesus says, "You shall not have authority over one another. You are all equal brothers." (Luke 22:25/Matthew 23:8)
All who are in Christ are equally in Him. (2 Corinthians 10:7)
You do not need anyone to teach you. The Spirit teaches you about all things. (1 John 2:27/John 16:13)
No person is to act as your judge in regards to what you do. God accepts all of His children. He died for all of them. Don't judge your brother, only be careful not to stand in his way or cause him to stumble. All of you have been made complete in Christ. (Colossians 2:10,17/Romans 14:13,15)

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