Wednesday, April 24, 2013

But God is also just...

There have been times when I said, "God is love" & the response is "Yes God is love BUT God is also just."
In this context they typically mean 2 things by "God is just."
1. God abuses & guilt trips His own children (called conviction & discipline).
2. God will viciously torture the vast majority of mankind for all eternity.

Consider this. The words "just" & "righteous" are the same word. Translations differ as to which word they use but they mean the exact same thing.

So then here are some questions:
Is it righteous to refuse to hold something against someone?
Is it righteous to remove another person's burdens?
Is it righteous to forgive?
Is it righteous to give people a second chance?
Is it righteous to do everything you can to not let someone's negative behavior stand in the way of your relationship with them?
Is it righteous to love?

Hopefully your answer was "yes" to those questions. All of those "righteous things" are also "just things." Religion has skewed our minds to see righteous & just as two different things. We think of justness as judging people based on their actions then we turn around & think of righteousness as not judging people based on their actions. God only views justness & righteousness through love. Religion has taught us to always counter love with a "but.."

How can you really love someone when you think they are, not just worthless, but so utterly wicked that they deserve to be tortured forever? The Christian religion makes mankind out to be the most vile thing that ever existed. It is like saying everyone you know deserves a life sentence in prison but instead of hanging out in a jail cell we all deserve to be painfully tortured the entire time. 8 year old girl? Life sentence! Cancerous teenager? Life sentence! Single mother? Life sentence! Who among us would think that is justice in this life time? Yet we've been taught that it is justice in the next life.

Religion teaches you to look at mankind, not through the eyes of Jesus, but through the eyes of sin. It teaches us to interpret "all have sinned & fallen short of the glory of God" as "all deserve to be horribly tortured forever!" It works great because they don't even quote the whole sentence from scripture which goes on to say "& all are justified freely by God's grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus."

Jesus is life & there is an ultimate consequence to rejecting life, death. But perverted religionists need to understand something, EVERYONE'S name starts out in the Book of Life. NO ONE deserves to die the second death in God's eyes. Jesus already handled the sins of the world. God's default is not, "You deserve to go to hell!" God's default is "I love you! Please choose to receive my life! I want us to get to know each other!"

The bulk of Christianity has royally screwed up pretty much everything. The world's viewpoint of what Christianity teaches is, "You're going to hell unless you apologize to God & serve Him." That's like saying to your child, "Son, I'm going to strap you to a table cover you with meat & then release the hounds unless you beg for my forgiveness & promise to do my exact bidding for the rest of your life." And that is a LIGHT example of what people think the "Christian" or "gospel" message is.

Christianity not only embraces but PROMOTES the guilt & shame that Jesus DESPISED & came to free us from. It gets this message across to the world, "You should view yourself as sin does, worthy of death & eternal torture." Then to Christians they teach this, "I should view myself as sin does, worthy of death & eternal torture but then be thankful that Jesus saved this worthless bile that I am." The word saved means rescued & made whole. And the reality is that we are saved the first time we trust God. But do you know what the bulk of Christianity honestly teaches? It teaches that "Saved means God didn't flush you, you turd! Now you've gotta polish yourself, the turd that you are, to please God."

The real gospel starts with "God so loved the world." The "Christian" gospel starts with devaluing mankind to the utter..UTTERmost.
In the real gospel God says, "I love you for you." The "Christian" gospel says, "God loves you even though you don't deserve it." While it is true that we cannot earn such a priceless love, ask yourself, "WHO says we don't deserve love?" Does an infant "deserve" his or her parents' love? The parents think so! Then WHO IS sin, Satan, or anyone to say to any child of God, "YOU DON'T DESERVE THE FATHER'S LOVE"!!??!! WAKE UP! EVERYONE OF US IS CHERISHED BY OUR FATHER BEYOND ANYTHING WE COULD EVER IMAGINE!

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