Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Why People Mock Christianity

I don't remember Jesus telling his disciples to police the world's morality. I don't remember Him telling His followers to express what they believed to be right & wrong (the tree of the knowledge of good & evil is what got us into this mess). I do remember Him telling them to spread the good news about what He has done & the good news that God is not counting people's sins against them (2 Corinthians 5:19).

It is no wonder why people lash out at Christians. Countless people have been hurt by religious people (many of those that were hurt were even Christians). I know of countless people that were hurt by the "Christian religion" yet I can count zero people I know of that were hurt by homosexuals (a group Christians are very interested in policing).

So when people mock Christianity they aren't mocking the real Jesus, they are mocking the false idea of God that religion has put out there. They are lashing back at the preachers that condemned them instead of preaching God's grace. They are mocking those who were intolerant towards them by every definition of the word. Christians, from my experience, are the least tolerant people on earth. I don't know of any other group of people (not even teenagers) that would abandon long friendships over intellectual disagreements, club (church) membership, or loyalty to human leaders.

Most people mock Christianity, not because they are wicked, but because what people know of as Christianity is wicked. The world criticizes Christians for being unloving.. the "Christian religion" is so wicked that many atheists know more about what love is than many professing Christians. The majority of atheists I've come across don't reject God based on science, they reject Him based on the picture churches & the bible (yes the bible) have painted of Him. They reject that god because to them, he is not loving enough!

And that's what churchianity, religion, Satan's substitute, the institutional church, the whore of Babylon, or whatever you want to call it, amounts to. People's reaction is "No thanks, your God isn't loving enough(!)"

"God is love" is such a universal truth that one of these three things are what happen most often:
1. When people don't see love they don't see God so they reject His existence.
2. People are lied to about what love is so they accept the existence of God yet embrace religions that misrepresent Him & His love.
3. People see His love & embrace it & live the abundant life Jesus promised.

Look at why Jesus said He came, "I made The Father known so that the love with which the Father has loved Me might be in people" (John 17:26). The reality is that God saves people so He can "forever show us the exceedingly abundant riches of His love for us, & the immensely extravagant riches of His kindness toward us through Christ Jesus" (Ephesians 2:7).

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  1. Who exactly hasn't tolerated you? Just because Christians don't agree with your lifestyle you believe them to be judgmental. Breaking news... you are being judgmental when you discriminate against all Christians. True Christians don't judge people - that's God's job. However, we don't have to support lifestyles that go against the bible. We can love people and not support a lifestyle. I'd highly suggest you attempt to understand the difference, because you seem to have a lot of angst over this.