Thursday, March 14, 2013

Fear of Freedom

People that criticize "grace teachings" in reality aren't criticizing grace. If they understood what the word grace means they would never speak a word against it. Saying you can have "too much grace" is the same as saying you can have "too much true love." God is love, too much grace would be too much God! If someone says you need to in some way "balance grace" that is a less direct way of saying "too much grace."

So what they really fear is not grace but freedom. What does a revelation of God's grace free His people from? Sin, the law, & the power of death. But for some reason people tie freedom to sin. We all have free speech in the US but how many of us go around "abusing" our freedom by intentionally hurting others with our words? These people think too much freedom or even any freedom at all guarantees sin. But freedom from what in their minds? Most are afraid that freedom from the perpetual obligation to keep the laws, commands, &/or principles of scripture guarantees sins. But all of them are afraid of the idea of God "no longer charging us with sin, Him no longer counting sins against us." They think things like, "How will someone know how to act right without having their faults called out" & "How can a holy God not blame me for my sins?"

It is a damaged mind that instantly fears freedom guarantees sin. It is a mind that demands to manipulate & be manipulated because no one can be trusted with freedom. Even more damaged is the mind that thinks a loving father must charge his children with sin & keep a record of His children's sins, only tearing out pages from the record as they apologize for what they've done. Those who attack freedom are not free. They don't believe in freedom, they believe in control. Yes they will quote scriptures about freedom because they feel obligated to agree with what they think the bible says but they are clueless about freedom or refuse to believe that God is good enough to set people free. They think, "If God sets people free from sin people will run back to sin rather than run to God." When someone is set free from a torturous prison by someone who loves them the first thing they'll do is hug & thank the one who rescued them. The last thing they'll do is grab their shackles & reattach them.

The law mindsets of those who oppose "grace teaching" however will attack anything a free man does that they can possibly label as sin as a way to further embrace their fears & mental bondage. Even things that scripture never says is wrong they will slap the label of sin on such as drinking alcohol, not frequenting a church building, not being under the authority of a church leader, confident speech, & of course saying/teaching things they don't agree with. They'll say, "see I told you too much grace & freedom leads to sin, see." They stand in the shoes of the devil & "accuse the brethren" of whatever they can think of so they can keep people from trusting in the extreme or hyper grace & freedom God actually provides.

If someone does instantly equate freedom to resulting in more sinning they are hyper sin conscious. It shows you that sin is the first thing on their mind, the first thing they associate with every Christian topic. They often start sentences with "You better be careful.." They are terrified of sinning. But that fear has made them focus on sin 1,000x more than they focus on God & His love unless again it is related to being grateful for feeling his forgiveness after sin confession. Thus what was supposed to be all about Jesus & the Father enjoying us as Their family because They have taken care of our sin problem, instead becomes almost totally about our sin problem. A problem, that in reality, we no longer have. He removed it at the beginning of our walk with Him but so many think He doesn't remove it until the end of time. That's hyper-backwards thinking.

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