Monday, March 4, 2013

How to "Put God First" for real this time

Some call distrusting their ability to hear God, learn from Him, & understand the scriptures humility. Most who do that thus deceive themselves into putting themselves under human teachers who will lead them into falsehood. Jesus said His sheep would know His voice but the sheep never feel confident enough to even listen for his voice so instead of the Shepherd they listen to the "hired hands."

Jesus said, "Learn from me" (Matthew 11:29). If we feel inadequate in our ability to directly learn from the Spirit of Jesus we ultimately believe God is inadequate to teach us Himself. And if we go to others to teach us before we go to Christ We believe well studied men (many of which we haven't even met) are more reliable than God Himself who lives in us. Of course these men are the first to tell you that you cannot trust your heart, you don't have enough formal education, you haven't studied enough, you haven't been a Christian long enough, you don't know the original languages, & that you have to behave a certain way or live flawlessly to hear from God. They even go so far as to claim authority over you in God's name rejecting the written words of Jesus, "You shall not have authority one over another" (Luke 22:25-26).

So who will you foremost put your trust in to teach you, a man with a doctorate or our Father the Deity, a professional preacher or the prince of peace, a well studied author or the author of life who wrote the book?

If you want to "put God first" or "seek Him first" this is where to start. Putting God first isn't "making sure God's #1 in your life" as if loving others is inferior to loving God when in fact loving others is part of how we love God. God is not on a self-centered ego trip as He is often painted. He's not demanding first place in your life. When you love, everyone you love is in first place & God as love is right there with them. "Seek first" is practical instruction not affection abduction. Putting God first is putting Him first in line. He's the first one you turn to, the first one you talk to, the first one you ask questions to, the first one you trust. Learn of Him from Him. Seek His guidance first. Seek His knowledge first. Seek His love, comfort, & security first.

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