Friday, March 8, 2013

Reality check: Is sin your god?

Sin is the focal point & primary topic of the religion of Christianity. Sin is the god of Christianity. Sin is the ultimate false god that people will do anything they can to hold onto. By "hold onto sin" I don't mean they'll keep doing immoral things. I mean they'll keep condemning themselves & others for sin as if Jesus never existed.

The church loves sin more than it loves Christ. But not sin in the sense that they love to steal & covet. What they love is the power of sin. They love to believe that it has power over them & God holds it against them. They will ignore & outright deny everything Christ accomplished on the cross & every drop of God's blood & loving character, if necessary, to hold onto the idea that sin has power over them & God charges them with sin. They will paint God as weak, petty, & immature all to desperately clutch onto the very idea that is destroying them. Hanging onto the concept of sin having power over you & being charged against you is the equivalent to hanging onto cancer in the face of being offered a cure. It is rejoicing over the destructive radiation treatment while refusing to be free from cancer by the true cure. I've seen it time & time again over the past 2 years.

What kind of mindset must a child have to defend & rejoice over the idea that their father holds every conceivably wrong thing against them, that he guilt trips them by pointing out every one of their faults repeatedly, that he punishes them because of his anger over what they've done, that he takes what he has freely given away from them, that he refuses to relate to them whenever they do a single thing he doesn't like? Your average child of God has that mindset because they believe so many lies about their Father. They believe that sin is more powerful than His love.

What would your child have to do for you to stop talking to them & utterly ignore them until they apologize? According to the doctrine of "broken fellowship" God will do that to you if you so much as have a crude thought enter into your head. Thus it is taught that God cares more about how you behave than who you are as a person, than who you are as His child. But the complete opposite is true!

The power of sin is the law. The law brings consciousness of sin. Sin is powerless against those who are not under the law, those who are under grace & know they are cleansed thus they no longer have a consciousness of sins. They are simply alive to God in Christ Jesus, they are LOVE conscious.

The real God has already taken care of sin to where we need not think about it ever again. If we just live loved by Him in this world His love will flow out to this world.


  1. Are you saying that Christians are in the religion of Christianity? Who are you referring to? Are you not a Christian?
    I don't know any true Christians who hold on to the power of sin as you describe.

  2. Most Christians are in the religion of Christianity. But I'm referring to what the religion teaches people to believe.

    I'm very glad you don't know of Christians who do as I described. Most of the ones I have known do.