Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Three of The Most Widespread & Destructive Lies Christians Believe

  • Lie:  Christians have to confess sins to God or they break fellowship with God
    • 1 John 1 wasn't written for Christians. It was an explanation of how to be saved using inclusive language. John starts off this section of scripture saying "Now this is the message we have heard from Jesus and announce to you." The message is about God and how to be saved in verses 5b-10. (For an in-depth explanation see my post Inseparable & Unforsakable, Fellowship Never Broken, See also Forgiven and Loving)
    • Fellowship with God cannot be broken by anything but perception. God counts sins against no one (2 Corinthians 5:19).
  • Lie: The Holy Spirit Convicts Christians of Sin
    • Nowhere does scripture say the Holy Spirit convicts Christians of sin, it says (in John 16) that He convicts those who don't trust Jesus of sin & that He convicts (convinces) saints of their righteousness. Convict and condemn are synonyms, there is no condemnation in Christ.
  • Lie:  We should look at David as an example of how to live the Christian life.
    • David wasn't a Christian. He wasn't born again because of the blood of Jesus. David was a man of faith who trusted God and he will be in heaven. But he didn't have a new born spirit, he didn't have the Holy Spirit living inside of Him, he didn't have the wonderful promises and realities of the new covenant of Christ. We shouldn't take his shame laden psalms and aspire to view things like he did. Christ made a HUGE difference when He died for us. (For more on this see my Psalms in the Light of The Messiah series).
I used to believe all three of these lies. I learned the heart of God & studied the scriptures and found these things to all be false and horribly devaluing of the blood of Christ & of us. We've been sold a pile of lies that empower sin, devalue us, and put conditions on God's love.

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