Friday, December 28, 2012

The Good News Hidden in the Hebrew Alphabet

From Aleph to Tav, here is the entire Hebrew alphabet translated from the symbolism of its ancient Hebrew pictographs.

Father's house gather at The Door. Look at the nails that cut off the separation caused by the serpent's work. A hand open with authority & blood that gives life supports you. He is watching you & knowing you. His words satisfy your needs for all time. The first & the second are united at the cross.

The first is Adam/mankind & the second is Jesus. They are united on the cross. The vertical bar of the cross is Jesus. The horizontal bar is Adam/mankind. The cross pictures Jesus taking mankind upon His back to save them. He has His arms nailed to us to represent His dedication to save & carry us. He has His feet nailed to show that He will still walk in His ways. The God who is love will not deny Himself in His loving us, meaning He will always work for our true best not for what we perceive to be our best.

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