Monday, December 10, 2012

The Relationship is The Freedom

You have to know the truth to be experientially set free. That is the only thing that works. Know the truth & live in freedom in a relationship with God.

If you take the truth & use it to apply principles or as inspiration to keep rules you've missed freedom & the relationship. The freedom is the relationship. When you are set free you walk with God & whatever happens during that walk is unique to you & Him. Don't try to apply truth to your life, instead walk out the discovery & usefulness of that truth with God.

The line between dead religion & living in a relationship with God can be easy to cross. While you can teach people the truth about God's love you cannot teach people how to lived loved in their relationship with God.

You can be taught all about God but until you engage with Him, walk with Him, & hear the truth from Him what you hold as truth is nothing but a treadmill, a knowledge that gives you the illusion of walking in a relationship with Him. The treadmill will stop working for you in the right circumstances. When it stops working you're left wondering what you did wrong & questioning your relationship with God. God was with you the whole time & getting involved in your life where He could even though you walked on a treadmill. The problem was that you were tiring yourself out & getting nowhere. You weren't on a journey with Him, a journey where you walk, rest, & relate. The treadmill never stops & your beliefs set the constant speed but a journey with God is relaxing, fun, & includes rests.

 Jesus knew that everyone is different & that people would live in different times & in different places. That is one reason why He gave His Spirit. One size fits all at all times for all time instructions on living that work don't exist. Jesus gave us His spirit to walk with us, relate to us, & teach us tailored to all of the uniqueness of who we are. God is love, His Spirit is love so He will always guide us in love. He is the living constant. He is the only universal ingredient in the Christian life. BECAUSE HE LIVES WITH US we can face anything. Not because He said.. or because you should.. but BECAUSE HE LIVES WITH US!

This post inspired by this God Journey Podcast Episode

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