Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Comparing The Law to Jesus

  • The law makes people guilty to where they owe God.
    Jesus paid everyone's debt & offers to remove everyone's guilt.
  • The law does not justify even with complete obedience.
    Jesus justifies regardless of our deeds.
  • The Law brings the knowledge of sin.
    Jesus takes away the consciousness of sin.
  • The Law brings wrath.
    Jesus brings peace.
  • The law charges people with sin.
    Jesus does not charge people with sin.
  • The law increases transgressions.
    Jesus turns people from their wicked ways.
  • The law makes sin your master.
    Jesus is your master through the loving-favor of His grace.
  • The law arouses our bodies to bear fruit for death.
    Jesus bears good fruit for God & others through us.
  • The law binds.
    Jesus frees.
  • The law brings sin to life & sin kills us.
    Jesus kills sin & brings us to life.
  • The law is too great a burden for any person to bear including the apostles, prophets, & Moses.
    Jesus' burden is so light you'll hardly notice it because His "burden" is His arm around you.
  • The law could not condemn or weaken sin in our flesh.
    God condemned sin in His flesh for us all removing its power over us.
  • The law empowers sin.
    Jesus condemned sin & broke its power over us.
  • The law cannot give you the Spirit of God.
    Jesus sends His Spirit into our hearts.
  • The law cannot produce miracles even if we obey it as hard as we can.
    Jesus is able to perform miracles when we trust Him.
  • The law curses you for not obeying every bit of it.
    Jesus became a curse for you so that you would never be cursed.
  • The law is not based on God's promises to us.
    Jesus has given us His very great and precious promises which allow us to participate in His divine nature.
  • The law was temporary.
    Jesus & His love for us is eternal.
  • The law cannot give life even if you keep all of it all of the time.
    Jesus gives eternal life freely to those who come to Him.
  • Law keeping blinds you to Christ & His grace toward you.
    Jesus illuminates your righteousness through Him & His loving-favor toward you.
  • Adherence to the law prevents you from being led by the Spirit.
    Jesus is the life giving Spirit who leads you.
  • Keeping the law is a reason to boast in the flesh.
    Knowing Jesus is a reason to boast in the Spirit of our Lord.
  • The law separated Jew & Gentile.
    Jesus abolished the law to make Jews & Gentiles into one new man.
  • The law charges us with guilt for our actions.
    Jesus sets us free from the guilt our actions may cause us to have.
  • The law only has power through the obedience of physical requirements.
    Jesus has the power of indestructible life.
  • The Law made nothing perfect.
    Jesus makes God perfectly satisfied & God's children perfect in Spirit.
  • The law appointed weak & mortal humans as high priests.
    The perfect Son of God Jesus is appointed as high priest forever.
  • The law's sacrifices & offerings were not desired by God, He took no pleasure in them.
    Jesus' sacrifice was God's desire before the world was made, it pleased God & pleases us too.
  • The law makes someone who keeps all but one law as guilty as someone who keeps only one law.
    Jesus removes our guilt & never charges us with guilt.
  • The law is based on human works.
    We know Jesus by trusting Him.
  • The law was a shadow of good things yet to come, not the things themselves
    Jesus is the reality of good things right now.
  • The law cannot free us.
    Jesus frees us from all things.

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