Monday, February 20, 2012

Obey: An Invitation to Cooperation

Obedience to God is something that comes out of love for Him and others. Sadly most seem to focus more on obeying than loving. Obedience has been made out to be nothing more than adherence to the commands & principles of scripture. But the truth is, true obedience is loving cooperation through the spirit. With God we never walk or work alone.

Obedience starts with Jesus as a friend saying, "Can we do this together?" or with me saying, "I see what you are doing here God. Do you want me to join in?" Obedience still ends with a simple "yes" or "no" but God offers no punishment, anger, condemnation, or loss of favor if you choose not to cooperate. Christ has already taken care of our sins and God understands us fully. He knows who we are, where we are, and every intent of our minds & hearts. He wants to kindly love us to loving cooperation, to change our minds about our refusals because cooperation with Him always benefits someone.. While not all of His loving feels painless at the time He does nothing out of anger, selfishness, or dissatisfaction. God is our helper and our comforter and our friend. Nothing changes us so effectively as His loving-kindness.

Obedience isn't a GIVING IN to Christ's demands but a GIVING OUT of His love and life which are in us. We work with Him to carry out His kindness.

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