Thursday, February 23, 2012

New Back Posts from Discipling from the Ground Up Series

In November 2010-January 2011 my wife and I were discipling a couple. We only met with them 2 times before we moved away. Those 2 times I taught them my 2 "Meaning of Life" posts. I called the over all series "Discipling from the Ground Up." I also spoke with them about some other things that I had written for the occasion. After I moved I intended to keep writing the series but dropped the idea. So now I'm back posting some of the things I taught and the other things I wrote seeking to continue the series. Though back posted everything has been revised to my current knowledge of truth.

Discipling from the Ground Up

The Meaning of Life: Part 1, How to Know God - 12/1/10
The Meaning of Life: Part 2, Understanding the Relationship - 2/8/11
What is the Bible? Where does it come from? - 12/31/10 - New Back Post
Learn from Him  - 2/18/11 - New Back Post
Christ is Your Life  - 2/18/11 - New Back Post
Who God Has Made Us  - 2/18/11 - New Back Post
An Alternate Look at The Great Commission - 2/14/12

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