Monday, March 19, 2012

What Makes Someone Holy?

Modern Christianity thinks that holiness is something you attain to by good behavior.

Moses was called the humblest man who ever lived. That is a huge deal. But did his humble behavior change his face and make it shine? No. What did it then? He stood on holy ground and he saw the holy God. Moses got close to God.

Christian you are closer to God than Moses was. God lives inside of you. You have a spiritual unity with God that Jesus describes in John 17 as God in you and you in God. What then makes you holy? Is it your good behavior or is it the presence of God?

God living in you makes you more godly and more holy than even a lifetime of perfect behavior could. God named His children "saints" which means "holy people." Give up trying to be "good enough." God has already made you good enough, just live out of the goodness He has already supplied. That goodness is Himself in you.

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