Monday, March 26, 2012

New Back Posts

I've added these back posts to put up my good teachings from the past which were posted elsewhere or dug out of my notes. Though some are revised and have updates I back dated them because I feel they represent that time for me well.

Law, Works, Character - 12/5/08
Valuing Truth and The Motivation for Sharing It - 1/29/09
In Context: "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." - 3/27/09
In Context: "The truth will set you free." - 3/27/09
Arguing - 10/9/09

Letter to God 8/21/2010:  In this letter I asked God to "deliver me from sin" & "make me dead to it." Oh how true this became. He gave me the revelation of my sinless identity in His eyes as explained in my Sin? Forgetaboutit! teachings. He answered my prayer within the following year literally beyond all I would have asked or imagined! I added an update to the end to show all the ways He has since answered my letter.

Growth in Christ Through Relationships - 2/13/11
In Context: "Forsake not the assembling.." - 2/19/11
Failure as A Sign - 2/21/11
Feelings - 2/28/11
Suffering is Not God's Punishment - 3/11/1
Division: The True Heresy - 3/12/11
How "Preach" is Used with Bias in Translating the Bible - 4/9/11
Loving the Law More than Others - 4/21/11
Notes on Jesus' Teaching on the Mount: Why Jesus Taught the Law, The Two Builders - 4/21/11
Intellectual Knowledge vs. Relational Trust - 5/7/11
Conversation about Christ - 5/15/11
Already Holy - 5/15/11
In Context: "Forsake not.." & "I can do all things.." Revisited - 5/21/11
Variations on Psalm 23:6 - 8/24/11

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