Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Slave Master?

I was pondering why Christians who view themselves as unworthy, wicked, and miserable think God saved them. The first thing that came to mind is that they think God only saves people so He can make them His slaves. That God only saves people to "use" them & to "glorify His own name." I used to think that too.

This mindset pictures God in heaven saying, "Hmmm.. I don't really want to save them but I could use some slaves. And I can get those slaves to recruit more slaves for me!" It basically thinks God's goal is to enslave humanity while calling it "freedom." That isn't a merciful God but a selfish god. It doesn't see God as the good Samaritan type who helps & heals free of charge. It doesn't even picture God as one of the men who passed by. Instead it pictures God as someone much worse. He sees us dying by the roadside & thinks, "If I help this guy he'll owe me BIG! I could get him to serve me forever!"

Good News Flash! You don't owe God anything. Love does not demand to be paid back. God however does desire for you to walk & work with Him because He wants to enjoy doing things with you that will benefit you & others.

"I do not call you slaves instead I call you friends." -Jesus in John 15:15

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