Friday, July 8, 2011

Community vs. Prescriptions

Community is created by communication and unity. There is no unity without communication. The appearance of unity without communication is actually conformity. Conformity is impersonal and often comes from the fear of communication.

Prescriptions (such as typical Sunday morning meetings having the same order of events and the few performing for the many) kill the personal and remove Christ as the Head by not letting Him lead. Prescriptions instead go through the motions of tradition or through the agenda of those in charge.

Everyone is to freely participate in a meeting of the body of Christ like in 1 Corinthians 14. Why not have this type of meeting every time you get together? Why stop love, communication, brotherhood, and freedom just to have someone speak a non-interactive monolog we call a sermon and move us through the motions of the traditional order of worship?

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  1. Wow! Tell it, dude! I LOVE it!

    I've been to a rare service where the preacher would ask to hear the testimony of those present. I've heard some preachers invite a word of prophecy or a tongue, with interpretation. Those are the most exciting services in my opinion. It's an effort to allow the Holy Spirit to have His way.