Friday, May 18, 2012

Freedom from Struggling with Sin

The actual struggle most have is not with sin but with their perception of what sin is and how God feels about their behavior.

If you think you have to repent, say you're really sorry and promise not to do something again, and ask God to forgive you then you don't understand what Christ bought for you on the cross.

God does not count people's sins against them (2 Corinthians 5:19). No matter what you do He doesn't get angry with you, He doesn't break fellowship with you, He doesn't love you any less.

So many fail because they think it is their job to succeed. Jesus already won the victory over sin. You only defeat it when you take part in Christ's victory party. The bible says many times that we are free from sin. You only live that freedom if you believe it is there. I live it and my spiritual life is indescribably wonderful because I don't try to improve myself, I just bask in The Father's love for me and my behavior is transformed as a side-effect.

Freedom doesn't come from perfect behavior but from properly placed trust. Christian your freedom is a fact. You experience freedom by trusting in God's love for you. His love is unconditional. His love for you is not dependent on your behavior, if you ask for forgiveness, if you ever read your bible. His loves passes all understanding because we think we have to earn love. Jesus fulfilled every condition for you. Believe it and live it. If you don't you will always fall & always fail.

While my flesh still causes me to behave in harmful ways I am indeed free from sin. My identity is in my spirit, not in my flesh. When you understand & believe this you can be free from sin while in this body. The experience of that freedom doesn't come from perfect behavior but from trust in God & what He has done for you.

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