Friday, January 4, 2013

Belief & Religion or Trust & Jesus?

"If something is true you need not have belief. If someone asked you, "Do you believe in electricity?" You would say, "What kind of question is that? Electricity is real." If God is real then I should experience Him, He should change my life, He should make me more compassionate, loving, understanding & forgiving; all the things Jesus does speak about." -Deepak Chopra

The worst translated words in all of scripture into English are the words believe & faith. The word believe in most people's minds pictures "mental acceptance mixed with uncertainty or the possibility of being wrong." Faith is an ambiguous word defined by religions & even defined as religion. Believe in the Greek is the verb form of the noun faith. Both of these words simply mean "trust." Trust is a relational word that does not stop at the idea of believing. Trust is something you put in someone else. Trust is not merely an idea in your head that you are confident about. So to believe in God or to have faith in Him actually means to trust Him, to consider Him trustworthy & loving enough to then put your security in Him. This requires an encounter with God.

You cannot be saved by putting your eggs into the basket of Pascal's Wager which basically says, "believe in God because if He is real & you don't believe in Him you'll be screwed when you die." That is all mental & it has nothing to do with encountering a being. You cannot be saved by considering the so called "essential doctrines" to be true. You cannot be a practicing Christian because Christianity is not something you practice, it is a person you know & live with.

Jesus Himself defined "eternal life" in John 17:3 as "knowing God the Father & His Son that has been sent." That is one of the least quoted verses of all time because once we see eternal life & Christianity as being a real relationship rather than a post-death destination religion loses all of its power. Performing religious practices & holding certain beliefs cannot introduce you to God. The Holy Spirit cannot be purchased with a sinner's prayer or church membership! The concept of becoming a Christian has been squashed into a marketable, "repeat after me" or "believe this list of things" package that has nothing to do with meeting God. No one was ever led into a prayer to be saved in scripture. Religion has hijacked the concept of God & said, "If you want to get to God you have to come through me first!" Jesus, the Savior of mankind, is alive & real. Jesus said "I AM THE WAY." Christianity is not the way, holding beliefs is not the way, our morality & actions are not the way.

Religion is fake & founded by the Snake. God is the real deal. His love is a tailor fit. He's so holy He healed someone with His spit. As Paul said compared to Him religion, even perfectly practiced is... well you know the rest!

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  1. Powerful truth, nicely assembled. Great poem at the end. Thank you for your strange(unorthodox) perspective.