Friday, January 25, 2013

Ways to Not Listen to Someone

Surprise, I'm gonna teach religion for a minute, numbered & everything!

Ways to Not Listen to Someone
1. Label or categorize them into a certain group of people you already disagree with. Think to yourself, "Oh he's a this" or "She's a that" or "Oh you're one of those people."
2. Ascribe motive to what they have to say, For example, "They are just bitter, They are rebellious, They are just trying to be different or get attention."
3. Never consider the possibility
    A. That you can learn something new.
    B. That you can be mistaken.
    C. That you have been deceived.
    D. That if you are angry it is pride on your part.
4. Stop listening to them or counting them as a valid informed human being the first time you hear something you disagree with or think you might disagree with if you keep listening.
5. If they come up with something that contradicts what you believe don't try to figure out why it contradicts or how what you believe could mesh with what they believe, just stick to what you already think is true & hope it is never brought up again.
6. Never answer a question directly no matter how hard you are pushed. Just address something that is beside the point or reply with questions of your own that have nothing to do with what you've been asked.
7. Because you think you are right assume their confidence in what they believe is pride.
8. If someone disagrees with what you have to say repeat yourself over & over as if they didn't hear you because that is the only way someone would ever disagree with what you believe right?
9. Assume that you are always telling them something new as if they couldn't have possibly once believed what you now believe & found out that they were wrong.
10. If you are talking online imagine their inflection is angry, cocky, hateful, or despicable.
11. If you are talking online never read what the persons says more than once & never read your responses before sending them.
12. Never remember any time in your life where you have been proven wrong, especially if you were happier to know the truth.
13. Assume that the only qualification to learning truth is time spent studying. Thus if you are older than the person you're arguing with you are always right by default.
14. Only trust leaders or people with formal education.
15. Call people "closed minded" because you refuse to open your mind to the possibility to them being right.

Feel free to add more in the comments!

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