Monday, January 28, 2013

Satan Wants You to Make Promises to God

You won't see anyone being told to "make a commitment to God" in the New Testament. A commitment is basically a promise or set of promises. Jesus essentially said in Matthew 5:33-37, "Don't make promises to God. If He approaches you with something just give Him an honest yes or no. The idea that you should make promises to God actually comes from Satan."

Jesus wanted to take us away from the paradigm of failure but to retain the paradigm of willingness. Jesus knew we couldn't keep promises so He told us to not make them thus resulting in us not having to experience the shame of failure.

One of Satan's goals is to make us feel guilty & feel like failures. Jesus said anything outside of an honest yes or no come from evil. Why? Because it is Satan setting you up to condemn yourself by convincing you to make promises you cannot keep & had no business making.

Very sad is the fact that most of Christianity is based on making commitments & promises to God. They even say we are saved by making a commitment to God or by making Him our Lord. By that teaching alone (& there are many others I won't go into here) it is obvious that most of Christianity is based on something Jesus calls Satanic.


  1. I would like to ask what does your last paragraph means, I'm quite confused. Thank you.

    1. This post explains some of it.