Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A World Without Law

The Bible says in Romans 5:13 says, "Sin is not charged when there is no law."

Imagine you lived in a society where there was no law or judicial system. Could you break the law or commit a crime? No, but you could still harm people. How then is destructive behavior handled in a society with no law? By relationships and consequences. Consequences play out in a sowing and reaping fashion. If you are watchful and compassionate you can learn from them. Relationally your Father says to you, "I want you to make amends for the harm you've done to that person." Your Father will teach you how to love others.

Where there is no system of law there is no punishment. God will not punish us. He wants to relate to us and help us in our relationships. Law is not necessary when you have a loving Father to guide you and embrace you. You don't have to follow the manual when you are living with the expert. Let the Lord love & lead you and leave the law on the cross where Christ left it.

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