Monday, April 9, 2012

God's Love for You

If someone likes you then you generally like them back. If someone loves you then you generally love them back. If someone is always judging you, dishonoring you, criticizing you, or finding fault with you then you don't want to be around that person.

Sadly God is taught to be that constantly offended nag who no one would want to be around in real life instead of the everloving Father that He is.

God loves you unconditionally and God likes you unconditionally. His disapproval of behavior never equates to His disapproval of a person. In God's view what you do does not define who you are nor does it define how He feels about you.

Jesus took whatever judgment God would have for you. God honors us with the uttermost value. God is not a fault finder, He is a healer and a helper. In fact scripture goes so far as to say that you can do no wrong in His eyes. "All wrongdoing is sin. Anyone who is born of God does not sin" (1 John 5:17-18).

Not only do you want to be around someone who loves you but you find yourself wanting to please those who love you. God's love has a trickle down effect. We love because He loved us first. God's kindness causes us to change our minds about the way we see things and how we live life (Romans 2:4). It is the absence of His offense, judgment, and condemnation that has us return kindness to Him and pour out kindness to others. God stirs us to love and good works not by exposing faults but by convincing us of the righteous perfection He has put in the true identity of our spirit.

We are the flawless bride of Christ and in that we are one with Him as the body of Christ. Marvel at His love for us and His opinion of us,

"You are so beautiful, my beloved, so perfect in every part. My darling, you are the perfection of beauty" (Song of Songs 4:7, 6:4).

Every part of the body of Christ is perfect & beautiful to Him. This is who you are. Your feelings may lie to you, so go with God's feelings instead. Accept nothing less than God's high opinion of you.

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