Thursday, May 8, 2014

"Following" God Without Predicting the Path

One of the problems people have with "following" God is that they presume a destination. "God is trying to get me to do this, He's trying to get me to stop doing that, He wants to get me to a place where I'm willing to do these things.."

Jesus said that when you look at someone who is walking by the Spirit you "don't know where they are coming from & you don't know where they are going."

So instead of trying to predict a grand goal of God settle into the love, affection, & guidance into trust that He has for you each day.

To "follow" Jesus doesn't mean He's off ahead in the distance saying, "Keep up the pace!" The New Testament word for "follow" means "to accompany on the same path." It is walking WITH God. It is being aware that God is always with you & keeping an open heart & an open ear to His gentle & humble guidance.

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