Friday, August 9, 2013


While Jesus was in the flesh He feared death to the point of praying to God with "strong crying & tears." The Father heard His fears. Though Jesus was already God's Son He learned by His suffering.

What did he learn? Most translations say "obedience."
So God calmed His fears by putting Him to work? I don't think so. The word translated as obedience means to "hear/listen under."
So I believe what Jesus learned by His suffering in the flesh was the same thing we learn, how to listen to God, not in the "hear his orders" sense but in the sense of listening to His comfort, letting Him quiet our fears & give us joy. The Father did this for His Son to the point of taking Him from being terrified of death to seeing the cross as "joy set before Him."

His Father "made Jesus perfect." He "made Him complete," thus Jesus became the source of eternal salvation to all who trust Him.

Jesus is not incapable of sympathizing with our weaknesses because He has been through all of the harrowing experiences we have. Therefore we can confidently approach the throne of God's loving favor to receive loving-kindness and find God's love for us whenever we need help.

And that is what Jesus learned, to trust in His Father's love for Him, let His love drive away His fear, & enjoy knowing His Father. Jesus was intensely human.

We still want God to be the Lord of Hosts, the God who commands armies. But Jesus said, "He's our daddy, & if you learn to listen to Him you'll know it." Jesus did away with the law in part because it foremost pictured God as the supreme commander to obey.

Scripture says, "to obey is better than sacrifice." Remembering what obedience means I take this to convey,

"To draw near & listen to your Father is better than anything you could do for Him, give to Him, or give up for Him. He is the giver. He delights most in you being with Him in the moment. He doesn't give you a to-do list because everything that matters is done in the moment with Him.

You can have lists without ever experiencing love. Love is not made of deeds you can check off of a list. Love is part of living. Once you know you're loved that's when you start to really live & love in return.

God doesn't burden you, make you worry, or cause you fear. So if you're worried about your relationship with God then you are trying to relate to something else. You can list & learn all the names of God in scripture but without a doubt people regard Him as THEIR GOOD Father the least. They'll believe in every kind of god imaginable except the one Jesus knew.

John 1:18 says, "The law was given through Moses BUT the love of God for us & the truth CAME THROUGH Jesus Christ. No one has seen God at any time without His Son Jesus making Him known. Jesus knows God the because as His beloved Son He has rested on His Father's chest." This wasn't talking about seeing God physically. It was saying no one before Jesus ever SAW God. They never authentically knew the real Him. Today we take the testimonies of people recorded in the Old Testament & say, "There is God! Look at Him!" Scripture says even we who know Jesus now only see Him through a dark glass. Even worse it says of them that they looked through veils at an unreal shadow that had no substance.

So instead of letting God Himself reveal Himself to us through His Son Jesus, because we, like Him, are God's children, we've outsourced this to the bible, to religious leaders, & to man made traditions & doctrines. Thus most of us are left with "never SEEing God at any time." Instead of the living Spirit of God we've chosen to trust in the 2,000+ year old translated testimony regarding a shadow seen by people who were wearing veils. Don't forgive me for saying this, but doing that is like locking yourself in your house & googling your long lost father's name to learn about him while he lives next door with your older brother. Oh, & occasionally talking to the mailman about him. While the bible offers a lot of "fun facts" those "facts" alone will never connect you to your fun Father.

Life with Daddy blows. It blows your mind, it cools your heart, & it gently takes you to the places that are best for you. It blows the veil away. Just trying to gain knowledge ABOUT God is like chasing the wind. Stop chasing the wind & start being the wind.

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