Friday, February 1, 2013

Real Talk: God is Just, Calling a sin a sin

People say "Yes God is love, but God is also just." I don't see how just is separate from love. Just & righteous are the same word in the Greek. Justice isn't arbitrary, it is based on worth & love. That is why no one demands justice if someone carelessly runs over an ant in their driveway but would if someone ran over their child instead. There is nothing in scripture that says you have to "balance God's attributes." His love is not separate from His justness, His holiness, or even His wrath. There is no such thing as "God is love but.." If you put a but after God is love you need to check to see if you really believe He is love.

The New Testament never once says God hates a human being & it never once says God hates sin. It also never tells us to "call a sin a sin." Jesus died for the world because He loves the world, He loves everybody. He took the sins of the world away by the sacrifice of Himself.

Going around & slapping the label of sin on people's actions is Satanic. Satan is the accuser. You are going around like Satan & being an accuser. An accuser is by definition, "someone who charges another with a shortcoming, error, or wrongdoing; someone who ascribes guilt or blame." Charging someone with sin condemns them. There is no condemnation in Christ Jesus & there are no sins laying on a Christian because Jesus has taken them all off. If you're going to be a friend then be a friend. You can love someone to help them out of harmful behaviors without having to lay guilt on them, that is the only way God does it Himself.

When God judges you as righteous forever Satan stands up & says "Objection!" then goes about listing things you've done wrong. God cannot be swayed about His judgment of you but you can believe His judgment was too merciful or "only positional," that He doesn't see you as righteous from His heart or treat you as righteous in your daily life.

Likewise when God says in 2 Corinthians 5:19, "I no longer count the world's sins against them," we stand up & say "Objection!" then go about listing the things we think of as sin that other people do. God doesn't receive accusations against those who He loves & He loves the whole world whether you believe it or not. When you don't believe God loves the world, when you believe He constantly wants to judge & destroy people because of their actions or beliefs, you don't even believe John 3:16. If you don't even believe John 3:16 then when you open your mouth using the words "God" or "sin" what you say isn't going to cause good things to happen.

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