Wednesday, May 22, 2013

God's License to Sin?

Some people say teaching grace is a license to sin. Well I say teaching God is in complete control is a license for God to sin.

It credits all of the evil in history to being under "God's sovereignty" picturing God standing at a door choosing to open it for some things & close it for others. It pictures God opening the door allowing all rape, molestation, pedophilia, murder, & abuse that actually happens to happen. He doesn't try to stop it because He opens the door & "allows" it. It "passes through His hands." God signs all the permission slips to allow for all of your suffering & every sin someone else commits against you. What loving parent would sign off on such things?

In Jeremiah 32:35 God says, "They sent their sons & daughters to pass through the fire to Molech. IT HAD NEVER ENTERED MY MIND that they would do this abomination." This clearly says that the evil they did never entered into God's mind. Why? Because God is good. He does not harbor knowledge of future evil. He does not fill His mind with knowledge of the sins of the world. So God did not "allow" them to do this. It didn't "pass through His hands." This is true of all evil. God has nothing to do with it. He comes alongside & comforts or fixes the damage it causes.

Sadly it is more important for some people to believe that God is "all knowing" & "in control" than it is for them to believe that God is love. Some will even water down love until it is unrecognizable to protect these beliefs. With the idea that God orchestrates everything, every tragedy, people can feel like they trust God by believing He is in control without actually having to relate to Him. When you treat Him as He is, your Father, your friend, & your older brother instead of as a puppet master God bent on teaching you lessons so you conform to His will, that is when you walk with Him experiencing His companionship, comfort, peace, & guidance. You can rest in God being there to relate to you in real life instead of trying to figure out how He is trying to fix you. Yes He teaches us as bad things happen to us just like any good father would but He didn't orchestrate those things because He is a good Father. No good father brutalizes & manipulates their child's life to "teach them a lesson."

God doesn't give you sicknesses or medical problems, God doesn't make your car wreck, God doesn't cause people to shun you or treat you badly. If you think He does & you have kids ask yourself if you would do those things to your child. Jesus didn't do those things to anyone & He is "the exact representation of God." If you believe God does those things you've given Him a license to sin. You've given Him a pass on love. I was told straight up by someone that, "Yes God is love but God is not the bible's (1 Corinthians 13's) definition of love."

Here's the double/triple minded teaching I've heard my whole life put into honest language, "God is sinless & God hates sin but He is allowed to do things we would call sin if a person did them because He is God." Just & righteous are the same word. So those who say, "God is love but God is also just" have shot themselves in the foot because love defines righteousness. God is love & love does not demand its own way. What God "allows" is total freedom & in freedom there are still consequences for choices made & things to be learned from those consequences.

So what do you want? A "God" who manipulates everything to "conform you" to "His will" or the Father that Jesus revealed who gives it His all to love you & be with you?

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