Friday, October 17, 2014

Meanings of Words Translated from Hebrew Pictographs

Hebrew letters started as pictographs where each letter was a picture. From these pictographs we discover hidden messages & meanings of Hebrew words. Below are some words & those meanings.

Love:  "The Father breathes His family."
Life:  "Look, for the separation I give two bloody hands."
Knowledge:  "The man with arms raised is The Way. See Him on a cross."
Good:  "Surrounded by security & nailed together as one family."
Evil:  "The head twisted."
Die:  "blood, nail, cross" or "Blood secures covenant."
Man/Adam:  "Learn about The Door's blood."
Jesus (Yeshua):  "Look & know the two nailed hands."
Covet:  "Outside is unknown weakness."
Day:  "Hand, nail, blood"
Word/Speaking:  "The entrance inside a person's head."
Forgive (Lift Up):  "The Father picks off the sin that has grabbed you & yokes you with Himself."

Elohiym is the Hebrew word translated to God. Here are 3 translations of the Hebrew pictographs of that word.
"For power, protection, & security look at the bloody hand."
"The Father's yoke adds breath, His work is massive!"
"The Father yokes & ties together, behold His mighty work."

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